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Bands of white space in RPs

Posted: Sun Oct 1, 2017 08:53
by PiPier
Dear all,

I am new in the forum and I hope I don't ask boring or trivial questions. I just started studying recurrence plots and I'm reading as much literature as possible on them.

Starting from a time series, I built the following RP:
Immagine.png (44.39 KiB) Viewed 3048 times
In the plot some types of small-scale texture may be identified. Single, isolated recurrent points which reflect random, stochastic behavior; horizontal segments, which means that some states do not change or change slowly for some time (indication for laminar states).

Moreover, bands of white space (no recurrent points) indicate transient activity or an abrupt level change, and may reflect an underlying state change. They occurs in that RP. However, here we can note an entire white band, above the black diagonal line. Namely, if i and j are, respectively, the x- and y-coordinates, we have that the (i,j) entry of the matrix that formally describe the RP, is equal to zero for i<j. Could we derive other meanings from that particular triangular pattern?

Any thoughts?

Thank you so much!

Re: Bands of white space in RPs

Posted: Sat Nov 18, 2017 22:23
by Norbert
Hi Pier,

the empty region means that the states in this epoch do not occur at any other times. These state are unique. Perhaps you could also show us the time series?