Application to draw recurrence plots and RQA measures

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Application to draw recurrence plots and RQA measures

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Hello All,

I'm studing about complex systems and trying to qualify me in data analitics and scientific software development.

Recently I have posted in my blog a series of introductory articles about graphic characterization of complex time series, and I have developed, to illustrate it, a WIndows application that allows to generate and process time series.

This application allows draw recurrence plots, with a graphic interface, and calculate the usual measures for RQA, I have posted also the source code of the program, so it can be modified in order to adapt it to other needs.

I hope that this software may be useful for someone, and that, if someone use it, it can help me to identify bugs and give me ideas to extend the functionality to end with a really useful application.

This is the link to the post about recurrence plots, but, the information about the use of the application is distributed along the entire series of six articles. ... -series-vi

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