Significance of CRP/RP measures on a group level

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Significance of CRP/RP measures on a group level

Postby David » Wed Sep 2, 2015 08:57

Hello at all,

sorry for the double post, I already posted this to the RP mailing list.

I'm looking for some comments/recommendations about how to best determine the significance of CRP/RP measures on a group level. That is, I have a group of 50 test subjects where I calculated the CRP between 10 regions of interest from fMRI data giving me an 10x10 matrix of CRP measures for each person. By means of calculating twin surrogates for each combination of regions, I'm able to determine the significance of the CRP measures for each person individually. But I want to find out if the CRP of region 1 with region 2 is significant regarding my whole group of test subjects.

My first idea was to calculate a one-sample t-test for each combination of regions, i.e. for each entry of the 10x10 matrix and determine the significance in this manner. For example calculating a t-test between region 1 and region 2, region 1 and region 3 over all persons asf. But I'm not sure if this is the right choice in this case (and how to correct for multiple comparison) or if there is a better solution to this problem, e.g. by using the results from the twin surrogate test on the individual level as well.

Any help appreciated.

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