CRP toolbox on Matlab 2010b

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CRP toolbox on Matlab 2010b

Post by emamm »


I am new to the forum and to the use of crp toolbox. Although the crp toolbox works and I keep getting the following everytime I start a windows matlab session.

Warning: File c:\program
files\matlab\r2010b\toolbox\crptool\info.xml did not validate.
The schema C:\Program
Files\MATLAB\R2010b\sys\namespace\info\v1\info.xsd shows the
following errors:

org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: cvc-complex-type.2.4.a: Invalid
content was found starting with element 'area'. One of
'{MathWorksID, type}' is expected.

Often, errors result from incorrect ordering of XML tags. Correct
the error by updating the info.xml file contents to follow the
guidelines in the MATLAB help documentation.

Any ideas of what I did wrong?

Many thanks

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Re: CRP toolbox on Matlab 2010b

Post by sultornsanee »

Do you try to re-install? .. I guess it is missing. :?
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Re: CRP toolbox on Matlab 2010b

Post by Norbert »

I'm sorry for the ongoing changes of the syntax of some files by Mathworks. The problem comes from the info.xml file, which is in the folder of the CRPtoolbox. Obviously, Mathworks again changed something and is not downwards compatible (I don't remember how many time I had already to change these kind of files).

Simples solution: just remove the file info.xml from the toolbox folder (you can find out where it is using which crp at the Matlab commandline).
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