Compare kinematic data

General discussions and questions about recurrence plot and recurrence network related methods.
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Compare kinematic data

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Hello everyone, after attending a symposium of Complexity in behavuoural sciences I realised that this tools could really improve the quality of my research, now I am a PhD student in human movement science, so it would be one of my first approach to non-linear analysis.

So I work with full body kinematics (position of makers located in the major joints of a persons body) and I would like to compare this time series of similar action with different outcomes (for example left right tennis shots) I wonder if recurrence plots and recurrence quantification analysis would be useful in that sense. As far as I have read yes, because in the end I want to compare time series. But I think that I will face various problems... in first place I have lots of time series (16 markers x 3 coordinates x 2 actions each trial)...

I am totally new on the field so any thought or recommedation will be welcome, thanks all
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